Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To End This...

I sit here alone,
counting the raindrops falling on my windowpane,
wondering if i am drifting with time,
or is my destiny already defined,
will i reach the shore in the midst of this bereft storm,
without being yet another victim of this ominous occurrence.

For those who always had faith have already fallen,
to the pain of being lost in this treacherous world.
The only thing that survived,
was the feeling of resent and remorse.
The fear that is always in our minds,
someday will come true for the sake of reality,
on that day we will find out the true outcome of our accomplishments,
reflecting the real value of our fidelity.

I am still drowning in the sea of fate's malice 
hoping to fight the circumstances for my soul's release.
I can almost see the end at the world's treacherous ways,
now my days are dark as if the night never fades.
The hour of sovereignty has arrived upon us,
only way to win this is by becoming callous,
coz till the time we are submissive to the circumstances,
its justified to be suppressed by our own weaknesses...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Incomprehensible Corollary

The days went dark and nights longer,
staring at the wall i started to ponder.
Tried all drugs , ain't made me addict,
I had written the story but still could not predict.
I needed solace, but ran out of opium,
to hide the repercussions,
to end all the discussions,
to save you from the damnation,
I went into asylum...
I counted every hour,
regained my lost power,
learned to kiss the thorns without ruining the flower...
You can see, my symptoms are eminent,
blood on my fists and the holes in the wall,
will remind you of things you can never recal...
Hate me for what i was, hate me for what i am,
It's just your fate and my mistake...
Darkness will see me shine like a radium,
everyone will stand up and apploud in the stadium,
but it's not me it's you who will decay,
even if u pray, you will still be a prey...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Colors In My Life...

Drunk were the surroundings,
lost were the streets,
as farthest as i could see,
it was all blue.
The water on the ground had the reflection of the sky,
i looked up,
the stars were missing and it was all blue.
My glass of margaritas was half empty,
and the color, it was blue.
I stumbled to my car,
midway was hit by a bar.
I rubbed my eyes to see her smile,
her eyes wide open as if trying to conceive.
She gazed at me, i gazed at her,
she was trying to comprehend,
but i was too lost in the depth of her eyes,
which seemed like an endless ocean,
glittering in the night light,
more so because the color was blue.
Days got us closer,
time just merrily flew,
while we were so happy painting the whole town blue.

Her voice was so mellow,
i was always fascinated by the way she said hello.
Serenading to her at night,
my songs were so yellow.
Fragrance of the rose in her hair,
oxygenated the surrounding air,
filled the hollowness of every landscape,
through the color that was yellow.

Now i stand here alone and stricken,
not able to justify your intentions...
Your heartless execution,
left me in affliction.
Although i am not dead, but the roads are red...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Won't Let You Die...

I can't hear you, are you talking to me??
shut your pretty mouth if you can't be louder...
Close your mesmerizing eyes,
or else they will bleed to world's insanity...

Blood on your lips looks so divine,
drain my veins, i wanna feel the pain...
Stay out of my mind,
its time to say good bye...
When you are around i am like a parasite,
get up, get lost its more than i despise...

Can't you read my miserable thoughts of you,
leave before they become pitiful for you...
I am sure i won't hesitate,
there wouldn't be a drop of sweat trickling down my face,
i'll be glad as you were,
when you killed me, fucked me and ate...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Am Not A Pretender, Am A representer...

The only ones left standing,
are the ones not demanding;
you can't prevail,
if you're not good at pretending;
catastrophically i always end up offending...

Am not ashamed, you're entertained,
but i am not a puppet you can detain...
Stressed through your pain,
i have no right to complain...
Built to pretend, what's your comfort,
if it hurts,
i clean off the dirts,
just an incognito, who can't revert...

My miseries concealed with your promiscuous kiss,
i always get lost in your blissful bliss,
can't speak about the things i miss,
sometimes i think about using my fists...

I wake up every morning,
and kill all my friends,
who just want me to pretend what i can't pretend...
You're so captivating
I want it to extend,
but my soul is so hollow...
I cannot hide what's there inside,
all the things you despise,
i think i will repent;
but please don't force me to pretend...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Her Desire...

He was so happy to be the new king,
menial serving their heads off with just one ring...
Fanatical and fervent was his stance,
to the things he did and had in mind...

He had the bowers all around,
alert to his slightest sound...
What he ordered was made a regulation,
he was a god even with his evilest inclination...

He was still not satisfied with what he had and what was there beside,
there was a fear he always wanted to hide...
It was an angel in his castle,
he was stuck to her,
and she was not ready to put him in line...
He knew what she wanted,
but she made him blind to notice his decline...

He tried a lot but she was so indifferent,
he prayed to her ego,
and she said there's another one like you in line...
He was not able to retract, from the virus she had made him devour,
it made him weak and tragic at every hour...

Today he got up early,
was very fascinated to see her standing at the window...
He looked into her eyes and smiled,
she always wanted a gift,
which he would finally give to please her today...

He reached at her,
was floored by her smile,
and her luscious smell got to his head...
He moved closer, whispered in her ear,
she was delighted to hear that,
and her snicker broke the silence...

He held a box wrapped in florescent plastic hid behind his back,
he brought forward and unwrapped the box,
was so happy to give her the gift of her life...
She had a vibrant smile on her face,
which broke into an arrogant laugh,
what eventually overtook it was the roar of the gun,
he had a hole in his head which was lying at her feet...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ravishing Horror...

Here i roam again and you still ain't,

time is flying by and you are still ignorant...

The way you danced that night made me numb,

your hair like a flowing river drenched me in stum...

Your hand brushed mine,

the touch took me to eternity,

you came closer making me feel your breath,

it was so intoxicating,

but it was not the time for my death...

You took my hand to put it on your waist,

and put your's on my shoulder,

ironically to the stature you were still the controller...

You closed my eyes and moved like a butterfly,

i could feel your smell,

it made me hooked to you...

It was so facinating,

but that was not my gift...

We sat in that dim corner,

where even the light of fireflies was vacant...

I fondled with your flocking traces,

it felt as if they were making me tangled to you,

still the feeling kept me marching towards the direction of fire...

You kissed my forehead,

your lips felt so fresh as a budding flower,

i went insane to that audacity...

I closed my eyes and let my soul be lost in your's,

you made me fly,

we landed on a mountaintop...

The beauty of the surrounding was ever so profound,

with you it felt like heaven,

our souls were entangled again,

stood there for hours...

Suddenly i felt that you loosen your grip on me,

i felt the wind blowing me away,

i was still lost in the trance of your aura,

till i hit the earth to be sever to pieces...