Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To End This...

I sit here alone,
counting the raindrops falling on my windowpane,
wondering if i am drifting with time,
or is my destiny already defined,
will i reach the shore in the midst of this bereft storm,
without being yet another victim of this ominous occurrence.

For those who always had faith have already fallen,
to the pain of being lost in this treacherous world.
The only thing that survived,
was the feeling of resent and remorse.
The fear that is always in our minds,
someday will come true for the sake of reality,
on that day we will find out the true outcome of our accomplishments,
reflecting the real value of our fidelity.

I am still drowning in the sea of fate's malice 
hoping to fight the circumstances for my soul's release.
I can almost see the end at the world's treacherous ways,
now my days are dark as if the night never fades.
The hour of sovereignty has arrived upon us,
only way to win this is by becoming callous,
coz till the time we are submissive to the circumstances,
its justified to be suppressed by our own weaknesses...

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